How To Get Rid of Mold On Cloth Diaper?

Have you ever had the experience of having black spots on the fleece or suedo layer of your cloth diaper? You wash it thoroughly enough with sufficient soap powder but this stain seem to have persist.

How did this happen?

This is happening mainly due to improper drying process. It is not because of the washing process. The washing process which involved soap powder is not causing it. It happens usually during autumn or winter time, or it could be that you are drying it at the area that there is not enough sun light to dry it through.

Can i still save my diapers?

If this is not too serious, then you can still 'save' your diapers, otherwise you may need to change a new one. I am sorry to say this but wearing black molded cloth diaper may cause fungus infection on your baby bum. Unless if you would like to place a piece of nappy liner next to the stay dry layer (fleece or suedo) to prevent direct touch of the bum to the affected fabric.

How to wash off the black molded diapers?

You can use bleach to wash it off but I would not use this if I were you citing the fact that the Dioxin of the chlorine bleach may transfer to the fabric and then to your baby skin. I would most recommend you to use lime juice or vinegar or lemon juice. Soak the cloth diaper with these mild juice for awhile or half a day and then rinse off with water and then followed by sundrying. If this persist, I would recommend you to use a baby friendly natural stain remover which I have bought from Eco Rainbow. With this stain remover stick, you may just need to apply it like lipstick and wait for 1-2 minutes before you rinse off and sundry.

What you should do to prevent this from happening?

Try to sun dry it until the diaper is dry enough. Otherwise for autumn or winter time, you may use low heat dryer and tumble at short period. Tumbling dry at high heat and longer time will damage the PUL layer and thus causing the PUL to peel off.

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